We manage relationships, not portfolios

we work closely with the people responsible for running the complex, giving professional advice and support

What We Do

Mansfield Property Solutions specialises in the professional management of medium to large residential schemes – flats, townhouses, retirement villages and housing estates – that are registered as either a sectional title body corporate or homeowners’ association (HOA).

Our property management solutions include financial management, legal compliance and building administration services.

Based in Gauteng, we currently manage residential complexes in Bedfordview, Boksburg, Bruma, Heidelberg, Killarney and Northcliff.

Property management solutions built on trust

Owners of properties in residential complexes want their investment to keep up with property trends. Homeowners need to trust that their levies are being well managed and wisely spent. We therefore set out to establish good governance and sound financial management systems for each residential complex we manage. Our approach is to communicate clearly and act with integrity to establish trust with and between trustees, executives, residents and service providers.

Our property management solutions focus on three main areas: financial management, legal compliance and complex administration.

As each residential complex has its own unique history and needs, our solutions are developed to fit your building and budget.

Progress is defined as moving towards a destination, or an improved or more advanced condition.

At Mansfields, we believe that progress should be constant. That’s why we



If you live in a complex, you have to come to terms with the fact that at some point you will be annoyed by your neighbours and your neighbours will be annoyed by you. 

Neighbours need to


For a first-time committee member, the task of managing a complex on top of managing your personal life can seem daunting. You’re not sure where to go for advice, or how to handle emergencies as


Financial Management

Legal Compliance

Complex Administration

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