Property management solutions built on trust

Owners of properties in residential complexes want their investment to keep up with property trends. Homeowners need to trust that their levies are being well managed and wisely spent.

We therefore set out to establish good governance and sound financial management systems for each residential complex we manage. Our approach is to communicate clearly and act with integrity to establish trust with and between trustees, executives, residents and service providers.

Our property management solutions focus on three main areas: financial management, legal compliance and complex administration.

As each residential complex has its own unique history and needs, our solutions are developed to fit your building and budget.

Our systems for collections and recoveries will help you to:
  • Collect levy payments efficiently with effective processes and systems for collecting and allocating payments, and dealing with the late payment or non-payment of levies, from sending reminders and, if necessary, taking legal action.
  • Allocate funds fairly by identifying areas where costs could be cut in order to allocate incoming funds more effectively. People are more likely to pay levies on time if they believe their money is being spent wisely.  
  • Pay service providers on time to maintain good relationships with your suppliers and avoid unnecessary interest charges.
  • Recover utility costs accurately – all water, electricity and sewage disposal bills are thoroughly checked. We follow up directly with the municipality concerned on any anomalies, such as over-billing, and keep at it, until the matter is resolved.
  • Stay on top of your financial situation with accurate and comprehensive financial records from day one. You can access these at any time. We also make it easy for you to reconcile bank accounts to financial reports.

From cash-strapped to cash-flush

If your complex is in financial difficulty, we can help you stabilise your finances and build up your reserves over time. We have extensive experience in helping complexes turn their situations around and maintain a strong financial position in the long term.

We can also guide you on:
  • Setting levies at the right level
  • Keeping increases and special levies to an appropriate minimum
  • Making improvements that will contribute to the value of the complex and its individual properties

Residential complexes must comply with a range of laws and regulations. We make it our job to keep up to date with these in order to give body corporate trustees and HOA executives reliable advice.

You can rely on our extensive in-house knowledge of the following legislation and regulations:
  • Sectional Title Act
  • Share Blocks Control Act
  • Companies Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Protection of Private Information Act
  • Labour Relations Act
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Protection of Private Information Act.
We can also recommend legal firms that specialise in handling matters relating to the management of residential complexes, should these legal services be required.

Buildings and facilities

To keep your complex running smoothly, you need a reliable network of service providers who can take care of scheduled maintenance and respond quickly to emergencies.

We can put you in touch with people we’ve worked with who can be relied on to deliver – painters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, cleaning and security services – whatever your complex needs.
If you’d like us to take care of your building maintenance, please talk to us about our facilities management services.

Governance and communication

Administration also includes the governance of the residential complex. We provide governance support in various ways, including:
  • Attending trustee and executive meetings
  • Communicating to owners on the trustees’ behalf
  • Setting up and running annual general meetings
We can also assist in sourcing professional service providers to help with routine administration or assist in special cases, for example, auditors, attorneys and labour relations experts.
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